Growing Up Digital

Many people say, if you can’t figure out your iPhone, ask your 10-year-old nephew for help.  In many ways, that is all too true.  I remember 2.5 years ago when I received my new Macbook Pro the week before I started my design program at Full Sail University.  It was a good thing my 13-year-old niece was staying with me because, being a PC person, I was totally lost – sad because several of my friends call me the goddess of gigabytes.   I guess where I’m going with this is that technology can be a good thing when it comes to education if used properly.

I’ve loved the creative process ever since I could hold a crayon.  And while my drawing skills are not all that, I am quite a good painter with oils.  When digital art became “a thing” I was elated because I excelled.  For me, it is so much easier to manipulate.  I guess that’s part of being a creative.  We hate being tied down and with digital, it is ever-changing and the sky is the limit.  I love to work outside the box and on most days, I don’t even know where the box is.  I think young minds have so much more to work with than I did as a child.  Not that crayons should be eradicated, I just think that digital outlets for creation can supplement that development in innovative ways.

I took the picture below with my phone (and then tweaked it in Photoshop), because I was so inspired not only by the child creating with the tablet, but by the attentive father’s involvement.  I wish that was more prevalent.  I think, with adult supervision and encouragement, we could see some of the greatest digital minds in the near future.  Who knows, this young man may be the next super genius at Pixxar.

Growing Up Digital
Growing Up Digital

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