North Cascades Sunrise
North Cascades Sunrise

Today is about color.  It’s everywhere, even in the whitest snow and the darkest night you can find shades of color.  This morning I was wowed by the sun coming up over the North Cascades.  This photo doesn’t do it justice and I’m bummed that I didn’t have my digital camera – note to self there.  I took this with my cell phone and the color on these ragged peaks was so awe-inspiring.

When starting a new project, we always have to consider our color palette.  Who are we creating for?  What mood do we want to set with the colors we are going to use?  That’s where “Kuler” can come to your aid.  Whether it is a monotone, complementary or triadic palette, “Kuler” can be your ultimate secret weapon.  Design your own themed palette or see what others are creating.  Maybe you just need to find a shade that will go with that perfect color you want as your base.  For instance, I uploaded the image to “Kuler” and it created a color scheme from it which I then customized and saved.  You can make your palettes public or  just hoard them privately for yourself.

North Cascades Palette
North Cascades Kuler Theme

This tool is provided by Adobe, and you will need to create an account to use it, but it’s completely free and totally fun.  Whatever your goal, you really should check this handy tool out.  You won’t be disappointed.


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